Security Testing & Assessments

Measure Your Current State and Articulate the Path Forward

IT organizations often lack the internal resources and expertise to keep up on an ever-changing security and regulatory landscape let alone test and assess their networks, applications and overall security programs. They need help elevating their security profile, reducing risk and achieving compliance with applicable laws and industry mandates.

DataModerated Testing & Assessments Services provide organizations with the knowledge, expertise and efficiency needed to conduct thorough security and risk evaluations of your environment. We offer testing and assessments that address logical, physical, and technical and non-technical threats to your environment. We can help you identify gaps that create risk, help you construct a stronger security posture, and help you to confidently meet your compliance mandates.

Our security consultants use proven consulting and project management methodologies to deliver superior results to your organization. Besides clear security and technical expertise, our resident consultants understand business, know how to prioritize findings that reflect your business circumstances, and can effectively communicate to your technical and non-technical audiences.

Assess and improve your security posture

Many organizations self-diagnose the security of their networks, systems and information. This self-diagnosis can fall short as the evaluator has other full-time responsibilities within the organization, often lacks the critical thinking skills and technical tools of a hacker and lacks the external visibility into the nature of real-world threats that could compromise your environment. Understandably, if any initial risk assessment is inaccurate, then the effectiveness of any risk prioritization and remediation will be reduced as well.

Our expert security professionals understand the real risks you face and can help your organization prioritize remediation. Our consultants have complete visibility into an evolving threat landscape. As a result, they know what to look for to identify the real, not just theoretical, risks to your business. Our security consultants will then prioritize their findings and provide meaningful recommendations on remediation. This guidance saves you time and effort as you determine the most effective means to mitigate or accept the identified risks.

Test Your security defenses

IT staff are often leveraged beyond any capacity to actually test their security and compliance preparedness against real-world threats. In addition, IT lacks the independence and often lacks the testing expertise needed to conduct detailed testing of their networks, systems and operations.

Our security consultants can test your networks, systems, facilities and employees. Through use of "real-world" strategies and tactics, we determine where your security is strong and where gaps exist that could lead to a compromise. In addition, our testing services help you meet your particular compliance requirements.

Hardware & Software Solutions

Emergency Service

We've rescued systems all across the country on all major platforms (Windows, Linux , and Solaris). Systems with database corruption, file level corruption and total hardware failure. No crash is the same, and datamoderated knows that. We will immediately consult with you or your technicians and develop the best plan to get you back online. If that's driving to COLO at 3am and bringing a spare server or coming to your office and solving it with your team, we've got your back.
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Open Source Solutions

We offer the best in community built open source software that, without fanfare or hidden fees, provide far better operation and remarkable savings. Without licensing, upgrade or proprietary contract fees that lock you into service you will be free to do with your servers what you wish. We have affordable rock solid replacements for software and hardware including Windows, Citrix, RDP, Email servers, Web servers, Firewalls, SAN and NAS Storage systems to name a few.
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Server Recovery

Is your server failing or failed? Hardware or software based failures can be potentially disasterious. Let datamoderated get you back online.
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Server Migration

Moving to a new platform? Updating the one you have? We know how to do it right. We start with a duplicate of your server so that you have a complete backup in case of unforeseen issues. Then we proceed with a planed migration to transfer all users, roles, security settings and data.
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Server Virtualization

Consolidate your servers and save on your power bill when you move to a virtual environment. Create servers on the fly and duplicate develop environments with ease. We know all there is to about the different solutions, including what still doesn't work, where the bugs are and how long it will take to get your system implemented.
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Monitoring and Patching

We begin our monitoring with actual human eyes and then back it up with a robust set of automated monitoring tools that report to us and to your tech department. We then continue our support with weekly visits. So that you know we are there, and that we know if anything has changed or will change. Critical monitoring demands we know your system, the people who run it, and what's going on with it now. There's nothing passive about datamoderated.
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Enterprise Aware

We deal with a wide range of Enterprise apps such as EMC,NetApp,WatchGuard,F5,Windows, Citrix, MSSQL, Red Hat and more. We are familiar with what it takes to work with these systems and adaptable enough to tackle new systems with ease.

Environmentally Minded

We take old hardware and repurpose it for use in the community. We provide these machines for free when we have them. Often they can be used for things like survalance systems or small business backup servers. Whatever the community needs at the time. We believe in community, and actively support it.
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No Contract

We are here for you as long as you need us, no tricks, hidden fees or schemes. If you want a contract we can provide you with one.
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We offer hourly, daily, weekly and service rates. We don't lie to you like other companies promising unlimited support for only $200 per server per month. We both know that it's not true! They give limited phone assistance Monday-Friday and charge you for everything. We charge a fair negotiated rate with no catches. You pay when you need the service.

Legacy DOS Applications in your web browser.

Geo IP Lookup
Lookup an IP address and find out where it is on a map.

Linux Cheat Sheet
Usefull shortcuts in the linux enviorment.

Browser Statistics
Find out what your web browser is reporting.

IP Address
Find out what your ip address is.

Base64 Decoder/Encoder
Decypher or encrypt Base64 data.

Usefull Software
A collection to free software that's handy to have.